Ché food truck

handmade empanadas when + where you want them

Ché Cincinnati makes it simple to elevate the options at your next on-the-go event with our city-wide food truck. You can have fresh, handmade empanadas available for your attendees. Our empanadas are easy to eat on the go, and we can change the flavor variations and combinations to best suit your guest list.


ché cincinnati food truck: Now serving outdoor events near you

Our mobile food truck offers a variety of empanada options that can be customized based on your event or experience. From receptions to corporate events to festivals and concerts across the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, Ché Food Truck is a delicious addition to any event.


follow the flavor

Our food truck is equipped with everything we need to serve your guests and attendees. Working with Ché is simple: you can pre-book a certain amount of empanadas and cap your costs, you can pay for what your attendees consume, or you can simply have us show up and be ready to delight anyone who stops by the Ché food truck to grab a bite to eat.


authentic argentine empanadas

Made from our unique blend of ground Filet Mignon, Ribeye, and Prime Rib, our steak empanada are sure to tempt the taste buds of any beef-loving empanada connoisseur. Made with fresh, free-range beef, organic produce, we appeal to the health and humane conscious meat eaters. We ensure that our ingredients meet a high standard of quality that you can trust.