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Cincinnati’s favorite Argentinian food is now mobile friendly.

Che Cincinnati offers authentic empanadas in three on-the-go options: Che Catering, Che Food Truck, and Che To-Go.

It’s never been this easy to impress your guests. From custom-fired logos and stamps of your choice…to flavor combinations ranging from savory to sweet, Che’s beloved empanadas are changing the way Cincinnati is eating on the go.

You deserve more than the run-of-the-mill selections when planning your catered event or food-truck options. At Che, we’re working hard to make the food, flavors, and culture of Argentina accessible for your conference, corporate meeting, wedding, rehearsal dinner, birthday, or other special occasion. Let’s upgrade the way we celebrate together by upgrading the way we eat together.





Che Catering
Che Food Truck
Che To-Go

book your event

Contact us to check availability for your next event!


book your event

Call 513-278-2228 or email Alfio ( to check availability for Catering or the Food Truck for your next event. See our Che To-Go page for details on ordering empanadas for pick up at Che or delivery straight to you.

Good Things to Know:

  • We typically plan to serve two empanadas per person for Catering Events or Food Truck estimates

  • Che To-Go: We have a minimum order of $25 for delivery, but there’s no additional charge for delivery

  • Ordering Che empanadas for your at-home party is a great swap for standard pizza or wings. You can order empanadas a la carte!

  • Every dozen empanadas ordered can be mixed and matched with four different flavors, ranging from Mexican to American to Italian.

  • Rates for Che Food Truck start at around $1000. Contact us for specific rates or to book your event!

  • Empanadas can be custom-stamped with your logo, initials, a special date, symbols, and more. Turnaround time is roughly 10 days for custom stamps.


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